Brooks Lodge, Katmai National Park

Bristol Adventures

Currently part of the team that runs four remote lodges and a flight service in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.

Interested in visiting this amazing part of the state?

With three decades working at remote operations, I am happy to share my expertise in planning a trip.

My Fly Fishing History

Someone recently said, “I love to fly fish, but I am not at your level”. He was right in a way. I don’t claim to be the best at any aspect. It is just that I have taken fly fishing to an absorb level, trying to think like a fish. 

It started with a four week fly tying course at age 10…


Art, Photography & Design

I was the kid that concerned teachers because I was always scribbling outside the lines in ‘coloring books’. At a very young age the idea of being forced to add color to someone else’s drawing bored me to death.

Ended up in college art classes by the age of 10, and eventually graduating with a degree in Graphic Design & Photography, with an emphasis on the digital frontier. 

My commercial art has existed side by side with my fishing career, focusing on marketing for the places that I have worked at.